Best Punching Bag for Small Home Use

An ideal punching bag can be used to burn calories both by professional boxers and by people punching workout regularly at home. If you often practice punching in a small apartment, you have to consider what punching bag is ideal for the small space fit.

Everlast Power Core Bag (EA)

As we know, an economic but effective way to work out punching fitness is to use the punching bag. Punching bags have been designed for a wide range of sports, e.g Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Karate, and many other martial arts.

Therefore, you won’t be surprised to see that a variety of punching bags appears on the market nowadays. In today’s reviews, we would like to guide you through the top-rated listing of the best punching bags for small space use.  It will definitely benefit those boxers who live in either a small house or apartment.

Top Rated Best Punching Bag for Small Home Space Reviews for 2020

We have done our research and singled out the following punching bags working best with small space. We composed a brief description and review for each model. We expect that people can find their favorite boxing bag for a small space punching easily after read our reviews.

Century Cardio Wavemaster, Black

The Century Cardio Wavemaster punching bag is a superbly crafted punching bag form the world leader in the manufacture of martial arts equipment, Century Martial Arts, USA.

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing these products, all their products are made of top quality materials that give durability and long life.

The Century Wavemaster is a free-standing punching bag suitable for use in a small space. This is a top of the line punching bag that is useful for those training in kickboxing and for those who wish to use it for cardio workouts to maintain a healthy heart.


The equipment is made of high-density foam with a poly denier shell. This 40-inch tall bag is durable and has a top longer portion with a small diameter and smaller rounded base with a larger diameter, which absorbs the powerful kicks and knocks of the user. It is specially designed to absorb the blows and rebound back to the original position. The top portion has an opening through which you can fill the base portion with either water or sand.


The punching bag has been provided with height adjustment features. The bag can be adjusted from 53.5 inches to 65.6 inches. When the bag is filled with water, it weighs approximately 170 lbs. The top elliptical part of the bag has a diameter of 10.5 inches with a height of 40 inches. The base rounded portion has a diameter of 22 inches with a height of 12 inches.

The product comes fully assembled. You need to fill the lower portion with water or sand, and this would depend on how heavy you want it. This is a punching bag that is ideal for a small space and is highly recommended for enhancing one’s fitness and cardio health. These punching bags come with a one-year warranty.

Wavemaster Powerline Black Extra Large

This is another excellent product from Century Martial Arts, designed for the martial arts fanatic or for a person who wants to get fit and maintain heart and cardio health. 4 decades of being in this industry has enabled the company to produce equipment that is in the top bracket. They are known for their high durability and long life. All the materials used in this product are of the highest quality.

The equipment is ideal for use in a small space and is suitable for practicing kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, and other forms of martial arts. It is also highly recommended for those people who want to get back into top shape and are keen to enhance their heart and cardiovascular health.


This is a free-standing punching bag made of high-density foam that is twice as much denser than the original Wavemaster punching bags. This product features seven height adjustments from 47 inches to 68 inches.


The top bag has a diameter of 17.5 inches and is 26 inches tall. The rounded bottom or base has a diameter of 24 inches and is 19.5 inches tall. The bag has an opening in the top through which you can fill the base with either water or sand. The base which is rounded is perfectly designed for easy relocation and absorption of the powerful kicks and punches of the user. When the bag is filled with water, it weighs about 270 lbs.

The product is delivered fully assembled, and the only thing you have to do is to hang it on a stable peg in the room allotted for this equipment. After filling the base with water or sand to the weight that you require, you can start your workout. This product is available in three colors, black blue and red, and comes with a one year warranty.

EZspeedbag Portable Doorway Platform

The EZspeedbag is an excellent training product from ReaShape, the world leader in portable speed bags. ReaShape is the creation of Chris Rea, an American wrestler, boxer and MMA fighter.

This is the world’s first portable speed bag platform, and it fits into any doorway with ease. The product can be used from home, in your office, and virtually anywhere. The patented system used in developing this product allows easy and stable mounting in any standard doorway of size 27″ to 42″. This system provides strong stability and is designed for superior rebounding.

The product enhances the hand speed of the user, perfects the striking precision, and increase punching power. The hand/eye coordination is greatly enhanced by training on this equipment.


This equipment is made of heavy gauge steel tubings. The speed bag is made of top quality leather. The product provides for optional two screw stability brackets that give greater stability.


This is an excellent product that can build strength, improve heart, and cardiovascular health. With this product, you can be assured of a highly effective and efficient workout, whether in your home, office or anywhere in your travels. The intense workout that you achieve will enable you to gain strength, agility, and precision.

The EZspeedbag Portable Doorway Platform can be used by anyone desirous of improving his health and gaining strength. Reviews have shown that it also assists people who are suffering from sensory-motor issues as it enables them to remove rigidity, gives greater flexibility, and better hand-eye coordination. The product weighs 11.5 lbs and has a lifetime warranty. It is backed by an excellent after-sales service.

Tech Tools Punching Bag Reflex Boxing Bag with Stand

This is complete boxing set for adults that is easy to set up and is free-standing. The equipment has a heavy base that is durable and capable of withstanding intense workouts.

The inflatable ball is attached to the end of a pole or shaft, which is spring-loaded. The height of this shaft is adjustable.

The durable and robust spring provided at the base of the pole enables it to bounce back to its original position every time that it is punched. The height of the shaft or pole can be adjusted to your convenience, and this can vary from 48 inches to 58 inches.

This enables the product to be used by children also.


The product has been constructed with premium quality materials, and a lot of attention has been given to the smallest details. The spring-loaded adjustable shaft is made of high-quality metal, and the heavy-duty base has to be filled with about 15 pounds of water for greater stability.


This is an excellent product for an intense workout anywhere. The product comes with a pair of comfortable gloves. For a person who is hoping to establish himself as a boxer, training on this equipment will enable the user to sharpen his reflexes, gain strength, build speed, and become more flexible. Regular workout will enhance the user’s hand-eye coordination and also improve the accuracy or precision of the punches. A workout on this equipment will help burn calories, thus maintaining heart and cardiovascular health.

Reviews have shown that this is a great stress buster as it enables to release built-up stress or frustration.

The product weighs 8.6 pounds.

Protocol Boxing Ball Set with Punching Bag

Protocol Boxing Ball Set with Punching Bag is a handy product for anyone who needs an efficient punching ball at home or in the apartment. This is a free-standing punching ball set made with top quality durable materials to last long.


The equipment consists of a solid reflex punching ball supported on a stable base. The punching ball is made of ultra-durable foam, which can withstand the hardest of punches. The shaft or pole on which the punching bag is attached is made of high-quality metal. It is also provided with a durable spring at the base to enable it to rebound to its original position after every punch.


The shaft is adjustable to different heights varying from 49 inches to 63 inches, and the user can use this option to fix it to a height convenient for him. The base has to be filled with water or sand to give it stability.

When filled with water, it weighs 66 lbs.


This is an excellent product for all those who aspire to become boxers or kickboxers. It enhances the user’s speed, reflexes, and the precision of the punches or kicks. For a person who just wants to go through a workout to maintain his health, this is an ideal product. A regular workout can enhance the functioning of the heart and the cardiovascular system, thus improving one’s health.

Reviews have shown that the equipment is also useful for those who wish to de-stress. People who have Parkinson’s syndrome have benefitted from regular usage of this equipment.

This product is straightforward to assemble and weighs 13.8 pounds. It comes with a pair of gloves.

Final Touch

People enjoy boxing workout to increase cardiovascular fitness and strengthen the performance of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. However, if you are restricted by space, you have to consider how much room do you need to fit a bunching bag. Then, what type of punching bag work best with the small narrow room.

In this article, we have reviewed a few top rated bunching bags that can deliver boxers the best workout experience in a small room. If you are also in such a situation, do not miss these winners.

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