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Boxing is a tough sport, and boxers require the endurance of an ostrich, the strength of an ox, the agility to “float like a butterfly,” and the speed to “sting like a bee.” Years of hard work is required to get into shape and maintain fighting fitness. A qualified trainer can develop a boxer’s skill and take it to new levels. However, for those who cannot afford one or take up the sport for fitness, boxing DVDs offer a great alternative. The advantage of training alongside a video is you can train whenever you have the time and wherever you are.

Get Addicted Boxing Heavy Bag Workout By Addiction Fitness 6 DVD Set

The Addiction Workout DVDs by the acclaimed instructor Merle Silver combines martial arts like Kickboxing, Aerobic, and Toning workouts. It also contains strength and endurance building workouts that will not only burn calories but will also enable the user to gain all the qualities required for a highly skilled boxer.

What Is The Content Focus?

The workout is focused on using the Addiction Heavy Bag. Studies have shown that more calories are burnt by working on heavy bags than by performing any orchestrated body movements like kicking the air and swinging the body. These workouts are captured in these videos and are played with a background score of highly energetic and synchronized music, which perfectly matches the body movements.

The DVDs

The package comes with 6 DVDs. The first 5 DVDs run for approximately 45 minutes each and cover the workouts that have to be completed systematically. These DVDs are made for the beginner to the most seasoned athlete and would pose a serious challenge to anybody regardless of their expertise.

They include random exercise routines that confine working the upper and lower part of the body, with short bursts on the Addiction heavy bag and other exercises using body weight. Each DVD is unique as they provide different workouts for each day. You can plan your workouts to suit your convenience, and this keeps the entire schedule interesting and also motivates the user, thus maximizing its efficacy. This means you can customize your program according to your needs and fitness levels.

The 6th DVD provides the instructions for going through the workouts.

The Benefits

There are considerable benefits to the trainee who uses the Addiction heavy bag and goes through the routines shown in the DVDs. By using the Addiction heavy bag for punching and kicking, you can release bottled-up stress and frustrations. When combined with the other workouts, you will slowly start achieving the body of your dream and gain overall strength, endurance, agility, and speed.

Beachbody Core De Force Base Kit DVD

The Beachbody Core De Force Base Kit DVD is the ultimate workouts inspired by martial arts like Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing, combined with weight training and cardio workouts. These are specially designed by trainers Joel and Jericho to help you lose fat and stay fit and trim.

What Is The Content Focus?

This is a 30-day rigorous workout that combines MMA workouts to enable you to lose fat around your belly and waist and gets you into top shape, and all this is achieved without the aid of any additional training equipment. The workouts comprise of 10 MMA inspired 3-minute rounds that combine the styles of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. The exercises include bodyweight training, knee and elbow movements, and cardio workouts expertly designed to get the very best out of your physique.

The DVDs

The DVDs contain 10 MMA inspired workouts that are systematically designed to help you to change a flabby body into a well-sculpted and strong body. Whatever movements that you perform during these workouts, whether it is a kick, a jab, a block or an uppercut, it will enable you to develop every part of your body and will also enable you to tighten up your midsection, shape your waist and help you to stay in top shape.

The DVD also has a video on an efficient eating regime and also provides a workout calendar to systematically plan your workouts. The Quickstart Guide is a 3 step guide that gives the tools and tips to improve your performance.

The Benefits

The workouts in these DVDs will give the user the ability to focus on the different parts of the body and also identify the areas that need more exercise to sort out the weakness if any. The 10 MMA workouts will develop your kicking and blocking abilities. Some of the offensive and defensive movements will give a vigorous cardiovascular exercise that gets you leaner and fitter and improves heart health.

The combination of martial arts movements enables the shedding of excess fat and burn calories. Some of the techniques also help you to recharge your body by removing stiffness and soreness from the muscles. These workouts suit the entire body and keep you in top form.

Bas Rutten MMA System Workout

The Bas Rutten MMA System Workout is a powerful workout system developed by Bas Rutten, a top-rated MMA fighter and a UFC Hall of Fame inductee. This is a highly efficient workout designed to propel you into becoming a good MMA fighter and, at the same time, give you a hardened and fully toned body without any extra flab.

What Is The Content Focus?

The entire workout is based on the method adopted by the trainer in his training schedule. The sessions do not make use of any extra training equipment except a heavy bag or dumbbells. Since the workout comes in an audio format, the instructions have to be heard and followed. The punches, blocks, kicks and counter punches are called out, and you have to just follow the instructions and keep pace with it. The entire session is very grueling and would help to create a healthy physique with high endurance, agility, and speed.

The DVD and CDs

The package comes with one instructional DVD and 4 CDs with the actual training instructions and commands of the trainer. The DVD holds instructions on how to go about the training session and also comes with a PDF file explaining each workout and guidance on how to do them.

The 4 CDs contain Audio tracks with explicit instruction on the exercise sessions. These include sessions in boxing, all-round workout, all-round fighting, and Thai boxing. The trainer calls out each move, and you have to perform the movement and complete the full session in the stipulated time.

These are sessions developed over years of practice and experience and would do a world of good to the trainee in not only making him a good MMA fighter but also in developing the overall physique.


The entire workout runs for about 60 – 75 minutes. The 2-minute tracks run for about 25-30 minutes, and the 3-minute tracks run for about 45 minutes. The workout alternates between different forms of martial arts and these MMA training give power and improve reflexes. It also enables the participant to be in the right position, and also strike at the most opportune moment. This would significantly enhance his overall performance and make him an efficient fighter. The plus point is that the entire body is exercised, and this would not only improve the strength and endurance but will also play a significant role in heart and cardiovascular health.

Cathe Friedrich’s STS Shock Cardio: MMA Boxing DVD

This is a very effective workout session designed and developed by the popular training instructor, Cathe Friedrich. This is a workout released under her Shock Cardio series that is hugely popular among cardio enthusiasts. The sessions include an efficient cardio boxing program with a lively session of MMA workouts that give the entire session novelty and guarantees the positive changes that you hope to achieve.

What Is The Content Focus?

Cathe Friedrick’s STS Shock Cardio workout is a challenging and intensive cardio boxing program of 49-minute duration. This workout focuses on getting the trainee into the best shape. The program starts with a warm-up followed by an intense boxing workout. The participant is then encouraged to get involved in boxing drills that focus on improving speed and coordination. The session concludes with conditioning drills that strengthen the core and ends with body stretches to increase one’s flexibility. For those people who have access to a heavy bag, a bonus workout of 20 minutes is an added feature.

The DVDs

The DVD has enough power-packed MMA Workout routines stretching to about 49 minutes. Most of the session is focused on cardio routines that help to strengthen the muscles and at the same time, keeps the heart and cardiovascular system healthy. The methods have been perfected through long years of practice and experience in training people to stay in excellent shape. As a dance form, the choreography for the workout is easy and smooth and enables the trainee to perform the routines without fumbling.

The Benefits

The workout focuses more on Cardio routines and is therefore centered on improving the stamina and one’s endurance. The workouts will enable the participant to lose weight and burn calories. The routine also incorporates upper body and lower body drills that would benefit overall health and keep the entire body fit and toned.

Boxing Workout DVD for Beginners – Everlast Boxing Workout: Beginner

This is a video of western-style boxing techniques for the beginner. The workouts are meant for those enthusiasts who need a proper introduction to the basics of boxing. The video gives good coverage of boxing principles and moves. It is, therefore, a perfect training routine on boxing for the beginner.

What Is The Content Focus?

This workout is made on the premise that the participant is a beginner, and all the routines are designed to make someone who has never thrown a punch or never weaved or bobbed in a ring, a knowledgeable boxer. Therefore, only the very basics are revealed through this video.


The video includes workouts for warming up, on how to use the jump rope, on how to wrap hands, on how to take the proper stance in the ring, on how to deliver jabs and mastering it, on landing power punches and combination punches, doing body stretches and relaxing. These have been meticulously captured and converted into a compelling video clipping.


Though the video is elementary, the workout introduced will help to strengthen the participant and allow them to take up boxing more seriously. This video is an excellent starting point for the beginner and all for those who are glued to their couch, who decide to get fitter.


The workout DVDs and CDs that have been discussed here are among the best in class for the kind of training required. We have discussed workouts for a broad spectrum of athletes from one who desires to be an efficient MMA Boxer to the very lowest rung, that of a total beginner who wishes to become a boxer. The training sessions are different in each of the boxing workout DVDs, and the difference is dependent on the intensity of the workout and the goals of the participant. These DVDs or CDs, whether they are for the beginner or the expert, are all among the best, and have been presented by professionals who have long years of experience in the field.

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